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About the Ravensworth Consulting Crew
Our Symbology
Well, to start, we all like 80's music and homemade cookies. But who doesn't like homemade cookies?

The ring represents the mark your coffee mug leaves
Laura's kids always associate the smiley with her so it's her favorite
Nichole is a die-hard Seminoles fan, for obvious reasons

Ravensworth Consulting, Inc. is the combined talents of consultants working in and around the Orlando area since 1997. We specialize in making your marketing work for your company and with your company. We exist in order to serve small and medium-sized businesses with services generally reserved for larger companies. We are:

Vikki Fraser - President - Ms. Fraser founded Ravensworth Consulting in May 2004. Prior to Ravensworth Ms. Fraser worked for a multiple UCF technology Incubator firms as Director of Marketing and was in charge of developing websites, marketing materials, customer service call centers, and marketing content for advertising and public relations. She has managed all phases of customer service including call center management, data analysis, customer relations' management, public relations, and training and development. Ms. Fraser has a degree in Business from Cleary University and is pursuing a degree in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Fraser is a Certified GoldMine Technician and specializes in modifying GoldMine to work with, and enhance, a client's business process flow.

Laura - Programmer - Laura is a programmer specializing in web development (forms, questionnaires, online reports and other dynamic web elements), Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook coding. She has an extensive background in database driven web development and graphic design and works with several web languages, including PHP, ASP, and Cold Fusion. She has recently moved back to the Orlando area maintaining a satellite office for a Chicago-based help desk company. Laura has worked in the computer & web development industry since 1997.

Nichole - Internet Research Analyst - Nichole has a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education and a Masters of Science in Exceptional Education both from Florida State University (Nich says Go Noles!!) She spent 6 years teaching at Wicklow Elementary in Sanford, Florida, 3 years working with children with  Emotional Disabilities, K-3rd grade and 3 years with Pre-K children with disabilities. She will be working for Ravensworth Consulting conducting Internet research for Search Engine Optimization campaigns and industry trending.

Tom - Flash Designer. Tom spent years developing full flash sites as well as flash elements for HTML and PHP sites. He also has worked for the one of the nation's most respected computer gaming companies.

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